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Welcome to TinkFrog, your source for: stock nature sound recordings, and wildlife photos. multimedia on Costa Rican Rainforest, Cloudforest, Dryforest, African Savannah, Kenya, Australia, North and South America. Digital audio stereo recordings of rainforest, comercially available CD field guides of Costa Rican birds, frogs, and mammals, Stereo Soundscapes from the tropics and North America. Custom audio solutions for kiosk and exhibit sound , Natural history consulting, and audio mastering.
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Voices of the Cloud Forest
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Voices of Costa Rican Birds:
Caribbean Slope
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Costa Rican Cloud Forest
Sounds of Neotropical Rainforest Mammals
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CD Productions shown above are available from these sources:
The online Cornell Lab Birding Shop (877) 274-3716
Wild Birds Unlimited at Sapsucker Woods (877) 266-4928
(Los Angeles Audubon Society Bookstore)
e-mail <books@laaudubon.org>
phone: (213) 876-0202
(9am-4pm Tuesday-Saturday)
ABA Sales Birding Store online (includes some of these items)
ABA Sales, PO Box 6599, Colorado Springs, CO 80934 • abasales@abasales.com
719/578-0607 or 800/634-7736 (US/Canada) • fax 719/578-9705 • 8am-5pm MST M-F

Additional sources for CD purchases:
Natural History Book Service
Natural History Book Service
e-mail: orders@nhbs.co.uk

PO Box 9 Holt
Norfolk NR25 7AW
phone/fax (441) 263-741100
-or contact their U.S. agent, Ari Blumberg, at Russell Friedman Books
e-mail: abrfb@aol.com
phone (770) 399-6777

Digital Images/ Photos available through Tink Frog.com from the following regions:

Costa Rican; Rainforest, Cloud forest, and Dry forest,

South American; Rainforest and Cloud forest,

North America.

Africa (Kenya)


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Nature Sound Recordings: available through TinkFrog.com from the following regions: (for published CD Productions --see links above)

Costa Rican; Rainforest, Cloud forest, and Dry forest,

South American; Rainforest and Cloud forest,

North America

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