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Contact Information:
For details regarding usage and licensing of these files, as well as for access to many more files please email, or instant message me at the following addresses;

David L. Ross
Email address
Instant Messenger Screen Name: TinkFrog1

Services Available:
Stock Sound and Images for CD, Web, Broadcast, Film, Exhibits,
Consulting on; sounds needs, sound exhibits, natural history, neotropics, US,
Custom audio compilations, audio mastering,
Images for publication text, web, kiosk.
Multimedia (sound and images for the same subject) examples where species specific sounds and images are required.
Article production, natural history information and text
Web page development
Permission Note:
Students and educators wishing to incorporate the copyrighted images and sounds in classroom activities are encouraged and welcome to do so. Copyright should not prevent a student or educator from using a graphic or a sound in a report or a lecture. Any re-posting of files on the web, publication or redistribution of these materials will require permission in accordance with all applicable copyright laws. If you've a question or a concern, drop me a line and I'll try to answer you ASAP!