Chuck-will's-widow stereo recording (this is a 7.5 MB .wave file)

Chuck-will's-widow stereo recording (2.74 MB mp3 file)

Recorded by David Ross 6-26-05 05:30 hours, after first light
in Scotland Co. NC Sandhills Game lands near Hoffman, NC

It had rained in the early hours of the morning, there is some drip, and low frequency noise. There are moments when droplets hit the microphone windscreens (thumps). This is a rough un-filtered recording. I do have better examples from prior years in the same vicinity, this one was from yesterday!

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Cope's Gray Treefrogs Photographed and Recorded at the NC State Hill Experimental Forest Durham, NC by David L. Ross. The recording took place at 02:00hrs the morning of 6-29-05. It is a small section of a stereo cut, which includes several individual around the microphones. Occasionally a Green Frog will be heard. The recording was made from deciduous woods bordering a small pond/puddle, bordered by a thicket of Multiflora Rose. At this hour in the morning the chorus had slowed a bit. It was raining lightly throughout the night, some drip is heard--constant but not too strong.

Cope's Gray Treefrog (1.91MB MP3 file)

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