Sounds of Neotropical Rainforest Mammals
by Louise H. Emmons, Bret M. Whitney, and David L. Ross, Jr.

This two-CD guide was developed as an audio companion to Neotropical Rainforest Mammals: A Field Guide (Emmons and Feer 1997. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, Second Edition). It presents the characteristic sounds of 109 species of rainforest mammals, most never before published. Featured are the voices and sounds of 54 species of primates on one disc, and 55 other mammals, including such diverse species as anteaters, bats, kinkajous, jaguars, tapirs, peccaries, manatees, squirrels, and bamboo rats on the other disc. This audio guide provides a new tool for finding and identifying New World tropical rainforest mammals.

2-CD set $24.95

Available at the online Cornell Lab Birding Shop (877) 274-3716
and Wild Birds Unlimited at Sapsucker Woods, (877) 266-4928.