Voices of Costa Rican Birds: Caribbean Slope
by David L. Ross, Jr. and Bret M. Whitney

An audio guide to more than 220 species of birds found on the Caribbean Slope of Costa Rica, at middle elevations, in the foothills, and in the lowlands. Includes many commonly heard vocalists as well as less frequently observed Caribbean Slope specialties. A "must-have" for the birder who plans to visit Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve's Penas Blancas Valley; Parque Nacional Braulio Carrillo; Parque Nacional Cahuita; Parque Nacional Tortuguero, and other locales, including any Costa Rican rainforest. 2 Audio CDs.

2-CD set $24.95, 2-Cassette set $19.95.
Available at the online Cornell Lab Birding Shop (877) 274-3716
and Wild Birds Unlimited at Sapsucker Woods, (877) 266-4928.
Schumacher's Bird Song Master software is available for this production (sold separately).

Additional Information:

After recording several hundred hours of tape, David Ross had aquired a growing nucleus of Costa Rican species recordings. While some concern and consideration of other efforts in producing a Costa Rican bird sound guide had been weighed, the sense of a tangible product being in place in even the near future was in doubt. A four or five CD set was considered, but logistics, time, and momentum steered the development of this compartmentalized approach. Field work in Costa Rica was a joy every day in the field collecting sounds with parabola and tape machine, watching and listening, hunting with microphones, wearing camo pocket pants and short sleeve polos with nothing else to do, no mission more important than collecting bird sounds. It was an immensely rewarding experience and and a work that would never be truly done. Early on the sense of need for a tangible product was present. With each day in the field, more was learned, more recordings, collected and a growing sense of how much was left to be done. The reality of how little of this material was available to anyone else anywhere was also apparent. The niche for this compilation was obvious, as the void for Costa Rican Bird vocalizations was gaping. There are always tradeoffs in productions. Some of the scariest considerations, are financial, unless you've backing, or very deep pockets. This two CD set includes recordings that are perhaps longer than some one might expect. Where possible multiple vocalizations and call types have been included. The material is well annotated. The bulk vast majority of the recordings are by David Ross. Some very important Caribbean Slope Species have been incorporate/ donated to the project by renowned ornithologist and bird guide Bret M. Whitney. Bret has much experience throughout the neotropics(and the world for that matter), and a trip of his through the Braulio Carrillo road corridor, as it was constructed many years ago, provided a vein of recordings that have found there way into this production. The additional reward of this is that Bret's name also graces the cover.

Voices of Costa Rican Birds: Pacific Slope
by David L. Ross, Jr. et. al. ????

There is the nagging sense of incompleteness in that a "Voices of Costa Rican Birds: Pacific Slope" has not yet materialized even as a draft. Sadly nor has a complete guide to the vocalizations of all Costa Rican Birds--just yet. So, since 1995 to this author's knowledge, this remains the largest commercially available compilation of Costa Rican Bird Sounds. The material needed to create a like version for the Pacific Slope is already on tape, much of it cataloged, and accessible, but it has not to date been mastered. Time money and motivation are all it takes. Additionally there is the realization that the reward for such a project may not ever be financial, but rather the satisfaction of building something that people value, that might help in appreciation, education, and ultimately conservation of the habitats in which these amazingly precious things we care so much about exist. If you want to bankroll the Pacific Slope production give me a holler :-)

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